Coventry Socialists – building support for an alternative to capitalism

Coventry Socialists – building support for an alternative to capitalism

Party members selling 'The Socialist' newspaper - the Socialist Voice of workers and youth

Party members selling ‘The Socialist’ newspaper – the Socialist Voice of workers and youth

Members of the Socialist Party were out in Coventry city centre today as well as other locations across the area, building support for socialist ideas in opposition to the capitalist system.

Party member Dan Crowter who is also a leading figure in the Coventry Against the Bedroom Tax campaign, commented

What is striking is the anger out there. With the recent announcements from the utility companies that they are going to raise their already high prices even further, many people will be forced to ‘heat or eat’ this winter. None of the big three parties are talking about the solution – which would be to bring all privatised utilities back in to public ownership run under democratic workers control. But little wonder they are not talking about public ownership – to one extent or another they all support the capitalist system!

But we in the Socialist Party would say it is not enough to get angry. We have to get organised and to build the socialist opposition to capitalism. Capitalism and all the misery that goes with it will not just disappear. I would urge all of those thousands of people who regularly vote Socialist in Coventry to seriously consider helping the socialist cause. For example by donating to our funds, subscribing to ‘The Socialist’ newspaper, and also by joining the Socialist Party.

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