Coventry and Warwick Socialist Students call for support for Higher Education Strike

Socialist Students call for support for Higher Education Strike

UCU, Unite and Unison will be taking action

UCU, Unite and Unison will be taking action

The following article was written by a member of Socialist Students, who are active at both Coventry University and Warwick University.

On Thursday 31st of October workers at universities up and down the country are out on strike. Members of UCU, Unison and Unite are taking action together to end the pay freeze which has meant incomes have not kept up with rising prices. This amounts to a real terms cut of 14% since 2009!

While ordinary staff members have been bearing the brunt of the government’s attacks, Warwick Vice Chancellor Nigel Thrift awarded himself a whopping £40,000 payrise last year!

Its one rule for those at the top while the rest of us have to suffer.

Although the dispute is officially about pay, workers all over are facing issues of increased workloads, zero hour contracts and bullying and discrimination. It isn’t just education the government is dedicated to selling off or destroying, postal workers, council workers, NHS workers, etc are all being punished by the Con-Dems for a crisis they didn’t cause.

Students need to support staff on this day. This strike action should be seen as part of the battle for a decent education system. This is the government that tripled fees and are looking for more ways to get students in debt with the sell-off of the student loan book. This strike is an important step in the fightback to save our education system.

Students should:

-Join lecturers and other staff on the picket lines to show solidarity.

-Don’t use university services or go to any lectures.

-Help Socialist Students build support for the strike – sign our message of support.

Socialist Students will be on campus on the days running up to the strike and supporting picket lines on the day. You can sign one of our petitions, or fill in the form at the end of this article to send a message of support, we will pass it on to the unions.

Email us at for Warwick, and for Coventry to get involved!

Please click here to read an article on the Socialist Students website by NUS NEC member Edmund Schluessel (personal capacity)

Fill in the form to send a message of support!


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