Postal workers to strike! Coventry postie comments on ‘scab’s bonus’ and ballot result

Postal workers to strike! Coventry postie comments on ‘scab’s bonus’ and ballot result

CWU members at the Coventry North office on strike earlier this year

CWU members at the Coventry North office on strike earlier this year

We have received the following comments from a CWU member who will be taking strike action in a few weeks time.

“Postal workers in Royal Mail have voted by 4 to 1 for strike action to defend our jobs, pensions and the services we deliver to the public, who up until last week, used to own Royal Mail. Before the ConDem government sold the profitable state asset on the cheap.

Shares in Royal Mail have rocketed in value by up to 50% since the government sold a majority of the company off, with many small ‘investors’ making £350 on the minimum buy-in of £750. Nice ‘work’ if you can get it!

Its like buying a tenner for a fiver!

This scandalous fire-sale of yet another public utility (think gas, electricity, water, rail, BT) was brought forward in an attempt to dissuade workers from voting ‘Yes’ in the ballot.

And the Chief Executive of Royal Mail, Moya Greene, even pledged to pay workers who cross the picket line a £300 bonus in December!

This ‘scab’s bonus’ would be payable if you crossed the picket line, mounted by your colleagues to defend your job.

But workers realise that we stand to lose a hell of a lot more after the 3 year protection of terms/conditions offered by Royal Mail expires.

Our jobs for a start!

Not to mention the erosion of our pension entitlements. Yes. Entitlements. Because Royal Mail took a pension payment ‘holiday’ for 13 years while we carried on paying in. And now our pensions are under attack again. Even after the government ‘guaranteed’ OUR pensions. In exchange for the £25 BILLION of assets in the fund of course.

Royal Mail may now be a PLC. But the workers still treat your mail with TLC. We care about the service we provide. We always have. And we always will.

And we’re willing to fight to show it.

Initial strike date is 4th November. It will be an all out 24 hour strike, with 24 hour strikes of different functions to follow. i.e deliveries, collections, processing, distribution.

So Royal Mail has 2 weeks to meet our demands. Which include maintaining the service to you the public at the level it is today.

CWU should begin talking to the Fire Brigade Union, the teaching unions and any other union who is in dispute , to co-ordinate future strike action and show the ruling classes who really runs the country.

For a one day General Strike of ALL workers!”

By a Coventry postie

No to Royal Mail privatisation – Rob McArdle speaks out

No to Royal Mail privatisation – Rob McArdle speaks out

Rob McArdle with Dave Nellist

Rob McArdle with Dave Nellist

The following letter was published in the Coventry Telegraph – it was written by Socialist campaigner Rob McArdle

Selling off Royal Mail might bring short term gains for shareholders and the government, but it is customers who will lose out in the long term.

We have seen the same happen with energy and rail price hikes following privatisation.

More and more people now
think that the rail and energy companies should be brought back into public ownership, with the bosses being held to account.

In the coming years Royal Mail will tell us how it can no longer afford the daily delivery to 29 million homes and businesses. Jobs will be cut and services withdrawn, while shareholders and institutions enjoy siphoning off the profits in the form of dividends.

I have always been proud to work for the public Royal Mail, because we provide a valuable service. How long before our postal service becomes foreign owned? How many years before you have to collect your mail from a box far your home? No wonder the government rushed through the sell-off, they know 70 per cent of the public opposed Royal Mail privatisation.

Robert McArdle,

(Postal worker),

Binley Road, Coventry.

Coventry Socialists support RMT members at City Link and continue NHS campaign

Coventry Socialists support RMT members at City Link and continue campaign against NHS cuts

Jane Nellist, secretary of Coventry TUC with RMT activists

Jane Nellist, secretary of Coventry TUC with RMT activists

The Socialist Party were campaigning across Coventry today. Party members supported RMT members at City Link who were leafletting outside Marks and Spencers in protest against attacks on their terms and conditions.

Socialist Party members in the City Centre

Socialist Party members in the City Centre

Elsewhere the campaign against attacks on our NHS continued, with campaign stalls set up Cheylesmore, Earlsdon and the city centre. Last week up to 60,000 people marched through Manchester in protest against the Tory attacks, and many Coventry people stopped to sign our petitions and take leaflets against NHS privatisation.

Richard Groves campaigning against NHS cuts

Richard Groves campaigning against NHS cuts

Party member Richard Groves reports

‘People are angry against cuts to the NHS. But it is not just our NHS under attack but all public services including council jobs and education, as well as the welfare state. We need a united fightback that opposes all cuts in jobs and services.’

The Socialist Party has a long history of campaigning against cuts to the health service, and will be continuing the fight over the coming weeks and months. It is a disgrace that the Tories are proposing to cuts NHS workers pay at a time that the cost of living is rising. But we need to remember that Labour can’t be trusted with the NHS – after all it was the Labour Party who told us that the Private Finance Initiative is the only game in town. We say the NHS must be kept as a public service, free at the point of use!

Thank you to everyone who stopped and signed our petitions and showed support, particularly those that made donations no matter how small. We rely on donations from ordinary people to keep our campaigns going, unlike the other parties we have no big business backers.

Party members in Earlsdon

Party members in Earlsdon

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