‘No wonder people are becoming more cynical’ An opinion piece by Dave Griffiths

An opinion piece by Coventry Socialist Party member Dave Griffiths

Dave Griffiths being interviewed by Channel 4

Dave Griffiths being interviewed by Channel 4

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No wonder people are becoming more cynical.

A multi-millionaire government mouthpiece/minister only too keen to get on TV to denounce people on benefits for ‘dependency’ discovered he had ‘mistakenly” been heating his stables out of MP’s ‘expenses’!

Imagine what might befall the pensioner claiming she had mistakenly left her gas fire on over the winter but couldn’t afford to pay the bill? Or someone ‘mistakenly’ took a benefit they weren’t entitled to. But we’re meant to accept his ‘mistake’.

Meanwhile, an ex Labour minister admits in court fiddling his expenses.

Government ministers who cynically used the crisis at Stafford hospital to argue our NHS was in crisis so they could introduce more cuts and privatisation are still refusing to staff wards adequately when it is as plain as the nose on your face from the Stafford report that staffing levels affect patient care.

The Royal College of Nursing made ‘Freedom of Information’ requests that revealed that spending cuts have led to a shortage of 20,000 nurses. No wonder government refuses to adequately staff hospital wards. This hidden workforce crisis had been “missed” by government figures. For “missed” read ‘hidden’.

The other night, celebrity ‘stars’ on TV told me with their sincerest faces just how much another few of my pounds would help people. The same celebrities with tax arrangements that ensured they didn’t pay huge sums to the public purse that they should have.

In the last year my bank was almost broken by someone who seemingly knew more about drugs than banking. He nearly broke my bank the Cooperative.

Now, I don’t share the view that we get the ‘leaders’ we deserve.

We’re getting the leaders that fit the rotten system we’re in. A system based on exploitation, rip-off and short term gain is breeding exactly the rotten establishment we have, an establishment who as the News of the World ‘hacking’ trials show, from journalists, to ministers, to police and MI5 are all closely interlinked and even related.

As the rich are getting ever richer while ordinary Joe’s like us pay for the crisis, they feel they can get away with their arrogance and scandalous management of things.

The antics of ‘our’ elite disgust most of us. If we’re to stop it we need an economy and society owned by us, and democratically run by us. With no special privilege for those put in charge. That’s what a socialist society would offer.

And in a week of news laden with rotten cynicism, there was one shining light. In America a socialist won an historic election victory. Working people, offered a credible fighting socialist alternative, supported it. To build that alternative here should be the mission of us all.

Coventry Youth Workers protest against Council Cuts

Coventry Socialist Party members were out today supporting youth workers in UNITE the union, protesting outside the Council House against the latest cuts to Coventry Youth Service by Coventry’s Labour controlled Council. Cuts that will see job losses and even more young people go without vital support and help.
This dispute raises once again the current political strategy pursued by UNITE and the other Council Unions at a national level – UNISON and GMB. There needs to be debate in all three unions and various others, about why they continue to fund a Labour Party that is so willing to carry out the bidding of the Tories on the people of Coventry.

Boris Johnson – Super rich a ‘put upon minority’

Comment of the day: Boris Johnson – Super rich a ‘put upon minority’

Even less taxes for the rich!

Even less taxes for the rich!

Many people today will have seen the comments by Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, claiming that the super-rich are some sort of oppressed ‘put upon’ minority. We can say that Johnson is at least half right. They are indeed a minority, a tiny minority, the 1 per cent, that he and his Tory party of millionaires represents, and they and their capitalist system are bleeding working class people dry.

The article published on the politics.co.uk website (and many other sites) explains how under Johnson that the number of rough sleepers in London have doubled in the capital over the last 5 years. Many people in London and up and down the country are facing eviction due to the bedroom tax, with ordinary people paying for the crisis causes by the minority at the top. How many of his rich buddies have been evicted recently? So to say that the rich and the homeless are both oppressed minorities is truly something else.

Wages have in real terms got worse, with the cost of living rising. He states that the rich should be given further tax breaks! Despite his ‘fluffiness’ Johnson has shown again exactly what he is, a  vicious representative of the rich minority.

We in the Socialist Party will make no apology for criticising the banks, the city financiers and their lackeys in the 3 Westminster establishment parties. But we go further. We need to build a political alternative not just to individuals like Johnson and the bankers, but the entire capitalist system. We want a socialist society, where production is based on fulfilling human need not private profit.

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Dave Nellist on historic victory for Socialist Alternative in Seattle election

Dave Nellist on historic election victory for Socialist Alternative in Seattle election

Dave Nellist

Dave Nellist

Former Labour MP and Socialist Party Councillor Dave Nellist made the following comments regarding the historic victory of Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant in the election for Seattle City Council. Her Democrat opponent has conceded with Sawant on an incredible 88,222 votes to the Democrat’s 86,582.

Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

Socialist Alternative in the USA are the co-thinkers of the Socialist Party, under the banner of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), an organisation that unites Socialists around the world in nearly 50 countries.

“The stunning work being done by Socialist Alternative supporters this autumn in Boston, Minneapolis and, particularly, Seattle, is truly inspirational.

For years it has been received wisdom that any challenge from the bottom up to the two-party system in America was doomed. Only billionaires would be able to dent the fortress of American politics.

Well socialists in America are proving it’s not only possible, but in Seattle they have achieved the most significant working class election result in America for years, if not decades.

The lessons will not be lost in many other places as well. A left alternative to big business politics can be built, and socialists around the world grouped under the banner of the CWI are showing how.”

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Grayling Grayling Grayling, OUT OUT OUT!

Grayling Grayling Grayling, OUT OUT OUT

Picket at Sheriff's Court in Coventry

Picket at Sheriff’s Court in Coventry

Members of the probation officer’s  union NAPO took strike action today and yesterday against privatisaton. There was a strong and lively picket on both days in Coventry, with motorists expressing support by beeping their horns and members of the public taking away leaflets explaining the union’s case.

Privatisation would be an absolute disaster for the workers in the service and the entire justice system. Companies are only interested in making profit, not caring about the well being of individuals or society.

The strike was well supported around the country, click this link for more reports.


Firefighters take strike action – report from Coventry

Firefighters take strike action – Radford picket

FBU members on the picket line at Radford Fire Station

FBU members on the picket line at Radford Fire Station

Firefighters took industrial action today across the country over the government’s proposals on pensions. Members of the FBU walked out at 6.30pm and will take further action on Monday morning, from 6am – 8am. There was a solid response at Radford Fire Station with a good picket despite the pouring rain. Many motorists beeped their horns in support.

The FBU action follows on from the university strike yesterday, with probation officers due to strike on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Once again the question of co-ordinating the action needs to be put on the agenda.

FBU members

FBU members

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