Coventry’s Labour Council prepare to inflict more Tory misery

Coventry’s Labour Council prepare to inflict more Tory misery

Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council have announced their intention to pass on another £43 million of cuts to the people of Coventry with the publication of the Pre-Budget Report for 2014/15.

The report is now available on the Council website and has been covered by the Coventry Telegraph website.

We will comment in more detail in the coming weeks, however what is crystal clear is that the Labour controlled Council are planning to dutifully inflict more misery on our city.

Dave Nellist, former Labour MP and ex St Michael’s councillor stated

‘It seems when George Osborne says ‘Cut!’ Coventry’s Labour Council just responds ‘Certainly sir, how much?’ The answer (whoever wins in 2015) seems to be ‘£43m please’ according to today’s new report.

The Socialist Party and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition starts from a different place. We would work out what the city needs and then mobilise people to fight to win it from the Tory government, just like Liverpool did in the 1980s.’

We believe that the 3 main council trade unions – Unite, Unison and GMB need to vocally and forcefully oppose every single cut that this  council is putting forward and with the people of this city, demand that the Councillors refuse to do the dirty work of the Tories and build a city wide campaign against the cuts.

There will be more to come on this story.


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