Outrage at Warwick University Vice Chancellor’s £16,000 pay rise

Outrage at Warwick University Vice Chancellor’s £16,000 pay rise
The Coventry Telegraph has reported that Vice Chancellor of Warwick University, Nigel Thrift has been awarded a pay rise of a whopping £16,000! This is an increase of 5% which putting his yearly salary to £332,000. Just last year he upped his salary by £42,000!
This comes at a time when university staff on campuses all around the country have taken strike action against their proposed 1% pay rise. With inflation at 3% this is a decrease in the amount of income for most staff. Pay has fallen by almost 15% for most support staff since 2007. Its the same story again and again. Those at the top looking after themselves while everyone else is forced to suffer.
One member of Warwick Socialist Students reported:
“Its disgusting and hypocritical that Thrift has had this jump in his salary at the present time. How can the university justify this when claiming they can’t afford to pay hardworking lower paid staff the wages they deserve?”
When news broke last year of Thrift’s 40 grand pay rise Warwick Socialist Students campaigned across campus against the rise and led the call for an inquiry into his pay. Led and organised by the universities trade unions and student representatives.
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Warwick Socialist Students say:
-No to Thrift’s pay rise!
-Open the books! For a student and worker based inquiry into the universities finances and the wages of highest paid individuals at the university
-No fees! Proper grants!
-A publicly owned, democratically run free education system.
-Students support staff on strike. Defend jobs and education!

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