UCU Lecturers Strike – report from Coventry University

UCU Lecturers Strike – report from Coventry University
Mark Best reports
Coventry University Lecturers in the UCU union, walked out for two hours at Coventry University yesterday, with over 25 joining picket lines at the University. The strike was a rejection of the measly 1% pay offer given by university management nationally. With inflation above 3% this amounts to a real terms pay cut. In fact university workers’ pay has fallen by 13% in real terms since 2009. This comes at the same time as the vice chancellor of Coventry University has had his salary increase by 18% bringing it to £257,000 a year!
A member of Coventry Socialist Students said:
“The government is hell bent on making a decent education only within the reach of a small and privileged elite. We need to take the education system into the hands of ordinary people, make it free and open to all! Attacks on university staff’s pay and conditions are the same as those facing workers all over the country. A need is there for workers to unite and strike together to fight vicious austerity cuts.”

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