End poverty pay – we need a real living wage now!

End poverty pay!

 we need a real living wage now!

The Con-Dems say we’re in a ‘recovery’. Well, it doesn’t feel that way to most of us.

While bankers get their fat-cat bonuses & pay, the real value of pay for the rest of us has fallen 7% since 2008. Since 2010 there has only been one month when average pay didn’t fall – A month skewed by the bankers’ getting their bonuses!

Tory Chancellor George Osborne has floated a rise from the current rate of £6.31 to £7 an hour. But this doesn’t even reach the ‘living wage’ of £7.65. An hourly rate set independently & updated annually according to basic costs of living.

min wage

Today the minimum wage is at its lowest level in real terms since 2004. Millions of workers struggle by. Labour talk about a cost of living crisis – but propose nothing concrete!

 Socialists stand & fight for a minimum wage that is enough to live on – No exemptions!

The Socialist Party says:

  • Fight for a minimum wage of £8 an hour – no exemptions! As an immediate step towards £10 an hour
  • All workers, including part-timers, temps, casual & migrant workers to have trade union rates of pay, employment protection, sickness & holiday rights from day one of employment
  • Reject ‘workfare’. For the right to decent benefits, education, training, or a job, without compulsion
  • Scrap the anti-trade union laws! For fighting trade unions, democratically controlled by their members
  • A maximum 35-hour week with no loss of pay


Obscene wealth!

A recent report by Oxfam revealed that the World’s 85 richest people have same wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest!

We need a Socialist Alternative to end this crazy capitalist system!

Join the Socialist Party do it!

The Socialist Party meets around Coventry every week on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights,  7.30.  Get in touch for info, about meetings or joining the Socialist Party.

phone/text 07530 429441    coventrysocialistparty@gmail.com

   http://www.coventrysocialists.wordpress.com    www.socialistparty.org.uk



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