Dave Nellist – Russia Today interview

Dave Nellist – Russia Today interview

Dave Nellist

Dave Nellist

See below for a Russia Today interview with Coventry Socialist Party member Dave Nellist. On the plans for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition to stand in over 600 seats nationally in the Council elections this May.

Coventry Socialist Party will be standing in all 18 seats in the May 22nd Council elections in Coventry as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.  Our candidates will be the only ones standing up for ordinary working class people in the City.  Some of the key things we will be Demanding and fighting for are;

  • An end to austerity
  • More jobs and homes
  • Better pay and services
  • A reversal of all the cuts to have taken place in the City
  • The scrapping of the Bedroom Tax and cap on rents

Do you agree with us and with what Dave has to say in the interview?

would you like to help the campaign in Coventry? or Join the Socialist Party?

phone/text 07530 429441    coventrysocialistparty@gmail.com


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