Socialist Campaign Team step up Election Campaigning across Coventry

Socialists step up Election Campaign

Socialist campaigners have been hitting the streets to build for the Coventry Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) election launch meeting.

lealfleting despite the rain

lealfleting despite the rain

Dave Nellist will be among the 18 candidates standing for the local council, in every ward in Coventry. Socialists will be standing as part of the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition on May 22nd, on a fighting programme to defeat austerity and cuts, for thousands of new jobs and affordable homes, for a £10 an hour minimum wage, for an immediate scrapping of the Bedroom Tax and for free parking at Walsgrave – kicking PFI & Privatisation out of the NHS.

Already 10,000 leaflets have been delivered to homes and across the city, announcing the election challenge and inviting people to our launch meeting at 7:30pm on Wednesday March 26th at the Methodist Central Hall.


Canvassing in St Michaels

This has been the result of Socialist Campaign Teams leafleting whole swathes of the city alongside people doing streets in the local area in their own time. We are dropping off dozens of bundles of leaflets every day to people who have signed up to the campaign team and want to spread the word in their local communities.

Campaigning for a £10 an hour Minimum Wage

Campaigning for a £10 an hour Minimum Wage

Could you help the campaign?

Could you deliver some leaflets round your area, make a donation to fund for leaflets and other campaign material (unlike establishment parties, We get no financial support from big business. Our party and campaigns rely entirely on donations from ordinary people), or sign a candidate nomination form?

Whatever you can do to help challenge the pro-austerity agenda of all establishment parties and campaign for fighting Socialist Councillors, willing to stand up for ordinary people will make a difference.

So do your bit for a Socialist Coventry and sign up to the Socialist Campaign Team today:


Trade Union & Socialist Coalition Election Challenge Launch Meeting 

Get behind the VOTE SOCIALIST 2014 campaign!
Speakers include former Coventry Socialist Councillor Dave Nellist
Wednesday 26th March, 7.30pm
Coventry Methodist Central Hall
Warwick Lane, Coventry City Centre, CV1 2HA



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