City Link’s Scrooge Bosses Lay 3000 Workers Off at Christmas

City Link’s Scrooge Bosses Lay 3000 Workers Off at Christmas

Merry Christmas from City Link

Merry Christmas from City Link bosses

Coventry-based delivery group City Link’s bosses have hit a new low by announcing that almost 3,000 workers are losing their jobs – on Christmas Day. The RMT union has rightly described the decision as “disgraceful” and “brutal”, and workers across the country are outraged.

Companies like City Link should be nationalised, along with the recently sold-off Royal Mail, and run as part of a fully integrated, publicly owned postal service run under workers control. Rather than administrators picking over the bones of the company, they should open the books to show workers and the trade unions where the money’s gone.

Many City Link workers will understandably be in shock at this news – but they and their union, the RMT, along with all other unions and workers in Coventry, should prepare to fight back against the greedy bosses. As one City Link worker said earlier on the news, “we’re on just above minimum wage – the people upstairs are on a lot more than that!”

We will release a more detailed article in the next few days. Solidarity to City Link workers and their families from Coventry Socialist Party and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.


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