2015 Elections – Vote Socialist on May 7th

Socialist candidates will be standing in all 18 wards and 3 parliamentary constituencies in Coventry in the May 7th elections. Our candidates include former Labour MP and Socialist Party Councillor Dave Nellist in St Michaels, as well as active community campaigners like Gosford Park Residents Association vice chair Rob McArdle in Lower Stoke, and libraries campaigner Sarah Smith in Tile Hill.

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A number of trade unions are also represented – Fire Brigades Union (FBU) Borough Rep Nick Harrison is standing in Upper Stoke, Coventry RMT (transport workers union) No.1 Branch Secretary Lee Cooper in Longford, Coventry CWU  (Communication Workers Union) Branch Secretary Judy Griffiths in Cheylesmore and Coventry South, Coventry CWU Assistant Chair Ryan Rochester in Holbrook  and Coventry National Union of Teachers (NUT) President Nicky Downes in Coventry North East (all in a personal capacity).

The full list of candidates is below – vote for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in May!

Bablake – Dan Crowter
Binley and Willenhall – Paul Smith
Cheylesmore – Judy Griffiths
Earlsdon – Andy Pettit
Foleshill – Jim Hensman
Henley – Tony Jones
Holbrook – Ryan Rochester
Longford – Lee Cooper
Lower Stoke – Rob McArdle
Radford – Dave Anderson
Sherbourne – Jason Toynbee
St Michaels – Dave Nellist
Upper Stoke – Nick Harrison
Wainbody – Ian Wardle
Westwood – Jim Donnelly
Whoberley – Richard Groves
Woodlands – Sarah Smith
Wyken – Greg Crabb

Coventry North West – Dave Nellist
Coventry North East – Nicky Downes
Coventry South – Judy Griffiths

Can you help the election campaign by leafletting, putting up a poster, or making a donation? If so please get involved – fill in the contact form below saying how you can help!

P&P by Lenny Shail, 100 Northumberland Rd, Coventry, CV1 3PF on behalf of all TUSC candidates.


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