Our 10 most popular posts in 2015

Our 10 most popular posts in 2015

No evictions here!

No evictions here!

As we move in to 2016, we look back at our 10 most popular posts from 2015. Our website received a record number of views in 2015, and we thank all of those who wrote articles, contributed photographs, or who shared our articles on social media. It makes a big difference!

We have published dozens of articles on a wide variety of issues – from important campaigns in the city and surrounding area such as Save Coventry Libraries, from picket lines when strikes have taken place, the anti Bedroom Tax movement and the struggles of youth and students.

In 2016 we encourage you to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and to take the next step in the fight for Socialism!

Here are the 10 most popular articles from 2015

  1. TUSC wins nearly 400 votes in Kenilworth
  2. Dave Nellist on the Artist Taxi Driver
  3. Museum staff forced to take pay cut
  4. Over 100 people join Coventry protest against austerity
  5. ‘Either we fight or we lay down and die’ – Protest at Coventry City Link
  6. Dave Nellist outlines the Socialist response to the TTIP deal
  7. Another eviction stopped in Coventry
  8. 2015 elections – Vote Socialist on 7th May
  9. Nellist welcomes left wing victory in Greece
  10. Coventry students demand £10 for uni workers

We wish you a Happy New Year, join us in the struggle for socialism in 2016!




Xmas greetings from Coventry Socialist Party

Xmas greetings from Coventry Socialist Party


One of the protests against cuts earlier in 2015

Coventry Socialist Party would like to send Xmas greetings to all members and supporters in what has been a busy 2015. We would like to thank all those who have helped us during the year, whether you were one of the thousands of people who voted for us in the Local or General elections in May, donated to our fighting fund, supported one of our many campaigns or who helped in any other way.

It has been another challenging year for working class people as capitalist austerity continues to hit ordinary people here in Coventry, across the UK and all over the world.

However 2015 has seen alternatives to austerity and the idea of fighting back become more prominent. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, the rise of PODEMOS in Spain and Bernie Sanders in the US shows there is an appetite for anti-corporate policies and anti-establishment movements.  Not only that, the re-election of Socialist Alternative member Kshama Sawant in Seattle shows there is a growing mood not just for anti-corporate politics but for bold socialist policies to challenge capitalism.  Read this Guardian article where Kshama explains why Socialism is becoming more popular

2016 in Coventry will see continued and deeper threats to our jobs and services. The Socialist Party will be part of the campaigns to defend our services and communities, whilst putting forward the need for a socialist alternative to end the nightmare of capitalism.

Help us build the forces of Marxism by donating to our fighting fund or by joining the struggle for Socialism!

Coventry Labour MPs vote for war

Coventry Labour MPs vote for war


Colleen Fletcher and Geoffrey Robinson

When MPs voted last week on Syria, many New Labour politicians opposed Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-war stance and voted for airstrikes. These airstrikes are said to be aimed at ISIS, but inevitably there have already been innocent civilians killed.

The Labour MPs who disgracefully voted for the bombing include Coventry MPs Colleen Fletcher and Geoffrey Robinson. Colleen’s predecessor Bob Ainsworth was even worse, serving as Defence Secretary during the War in Afghanistan. Jim Cunningham was the only Coventry Labour MP to vote against airstrikes – perhaps learning from his disastrous mistake of voting for the Iraq war.

One MP and Shadow Cabinet member, Hilary Benn, drew plaudits from Tories and New Labour MPs for its “articulate, passionate, elegant” call for airstrikes on Daesh. The sound of MPs cheering and shouting “splendid” in response was nauseating, as was Benn’s hypocrisy. Tory former Army Colonel Tim Collins described it as “a tour de force of Labour party and socialist thinking” – it was a Tory idea of how a Labour speech should be.

Just a few weeks ago on Remembrance Day, Benn spoke at a “Rising 15” peace event in Coventry alongside Blair’s henchman Gordon Brown, and a political advisor to the US Commanding General in the Iraq War.

He closed his speech at that event by stating “Human beings everywhere yearn for peace and if together we can make our politics work in the service of humankind then we will bring nearer the day on which that hope is realised.” His yearning for peace was not particularly evident when he pleaded with MPs to vote for airstrikes.

The air strikes will not solve the problems faced by the Syrian people. They are also unlikely to make working class people in the UK safer. People in the UK are understandably concerned about the risk of terrorism. However our lives will not be safer with another military adventure in the Middle East launched by the UK establishment. You only have to look at what has taken place in Iraq to see that war doesn’t make us any more secure.

New Labour MPs like Benn, Fletcher and Robinson oppose the anti-austerity, anti-war policies of Jeremy Corbyn. Fletcher and Robinson were both elected by working-class people in Coventry, many of whom want MPs who oppose cuts. Labour members overwhelmingly opposed airstrikes, and voted for an anti-war, anti-austerity leader with a massive mandate to carry out those policies.

MPs who supported the war have rightly been threatened with deselection. Coventry Socialist Party supports moves to deselect these MPs – we want to see Labour MPs who oppose austerity and war in actions, not just words. If, however, right-wing MPs like Colleen Fletcher stand as Labour candidates, we will continue to oppose them.

Coventry protest against bombing of Syria

Coventry protests against bombing of Syria


Protestors outside the Council House

Dozens of Coventry people protested at short notice tonight against the government’s plans to bomb Syria. The event, organised by Coventry Stop the War Coalition,took place on the eve of the vote in parliament tomorrow (Weds 2nd Dec) and drew much support from passers by with many car drivers ‘tooting’ to show their solidarity.

Local press from BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and Touch FM interviewed activists about the protest and what is happening around the country, with thousands braving the cold across the UK and an even greater number lobbying their MP’s, urging them to vote against the Tory war plans.


Socialist Party members on the protest

Socialist Party members attended the protest, gaining many signatures on the petition against military intervention. The Socialist Party, alongside sister organisations in the Committee for a Workers’ International, have been part of protests around the world against this latest imperialist adventure which will not bring security for the population here, and only bring more chaos, destruction and death to the people of the Middle East, at the same time strengthening the hand of ISIS/Daesh.

There is an old adage of the movement ‘Socialism or Barbarism’. This is the choice facing humanity today. Capitalism offers us nothing but austerity and war, time to fight for socialism!

To read our detailed analysis of the situation click here