Leading member of UNISON slams Tory hypocrisy

Leading member of UNISON slams Tory hypocrisy


We have received these comments from Dave Auger, a member of the National Executive Council of UNISON for the West Midlands. Dave was speaking to us in a personal capacity.

“The tax evasion scandal shows the hypocrisy of the Tories, and their claims to be against it, whilst evidence shows they have resisted any attempts to reform tax laws. But more importantly the Panama papers give us a glimpse of the sheer scale of international tax avoidance and evasion (and let’s be honest, only a rich man would argue the difference!).

The capitalist class has hidden £21-32 trillion dollars in tax havens around the world, that’s one third of total global wealth, OUR money! Yet it would only take, it is estimated, $240 billion to end world poverty. Claiming the end of Cameron would be no small victory, but only by ending the current economic system of capitalism can we ensure ALL global wealth is used for the benefit of ordinary people.”


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