Remember the dead, fight for the living!

Remember the dead, fight for the living!


International Workers’ Memorial Day in Coventry

Trade unionists gathered in Coventry today (Thursday) to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day, which is held to ‘Remember the dead, and fight for the living.’

Representatives from several unions and organisations including Coventry TUC, UNISON, British Pensioners and Trade Union Action Association, UCATT, NUT and UNITE addressed the gathering. The deputy lord mayor of Coventry also spoke and attended.

No worker should die or be put in harms way at work. Workplace stress is on the increase which is a major problem as work becomes more pressurised. Strong trade union organisation in the workplace is absolutely critical to enforce health and safety legislation. At the same time, we need to fight for a society that puts people, before profit.


Listening to the speeches



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