POSTPONED Rally for Corbyn in Coventry – organise against the Blairites

POSTPONED Rally for Corbyn in Coventry – organise against the Blairites

Labour leadership contest

Important update – we have been advised by Coventry Momentum that the rally has been postponed. Please follow our website for updates on any future events.

Coventry Socialist Party calls for a huge show of support for Jeremy Corbyn at a rally he is due to speak at this Wednesday 17th August, from 5.45 pm at Broadgate Square in Coventry City Centre.

Jeremy Corbyn’s unexpected victory in last summer’s leadership election created an opening to roll back the New Labour transformation. His anti-austerity message, and support for trade union rights, free education, council housing etc., have changed the terms of the political debate.

But because Jeremy’s victory offered the hope of change, a showdown with the capitalist establishment and their representatives within the Labour Party was inevitable. The Labour Party is now fundamentally divided between the right-wing establishment and an insurgent left-wing organised around Jeremy. Now, as the Socialist Party warned from the outset, the two-parties-in-one are in a desperate fight for control of the Labour Party brand.

The immediate task is to mobilise for Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election, but also to organise to ensure that this time his victory is consolidated by remaking Labour as a party that is genuinely working class and socialist, that really can be the voice of the 99%.

We call on all those who oppose austerity, cuts to our local jobs and services, and capitalism as a whole to turn out on Wednesday. Let’s take the fight to the many local Blairite Labour councillors and MP’s, who spend more time attacking Jeremy Corbyn than fighting the Tories and austerity.

How can we organise to defeat the Blairites & ‘cuts’ councillors? How can we build a Party that fight for the 99% and socialism? Public meeting – all welcome.

Thursday 25th August, 7.30pm, Coventry Methodist Central Hall. Warwick Lane, Coventry City Centre, CV1 2HA


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