Jeremy Corbyn rally in Coventry postponed

Jeremy Corbyn rally in Coventry postponed

Labour leadership contest

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn speaks outside the Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle, during his campaign.

Last week Coventry Momentum announced that Jeremy Corbyn would be speaking at a rally in Coventry on Wednesday 17th August. We reported this and called for people to join the rally and build support for Jeremy’s leadership.

Unfortunately the rally organised by Momentum and the Jeremy For Leader campaign has been cancelled by the organisers, due to a policy launch in London that is due to take place the same evening in London that Jeremy is required to speak at.

However, we still believe a rally in Coventry to mobilise and show the huge support for Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist ideas would be a major boost to the campaign against the right-wing establishment inside the Labour Party.

We hope trade unions in Coventry will organise a “Coventry For Corbyn” rally during the leadership election to continue to build support for Jeremy’s leadership of the Labour Party.

Coventry Socialist Party will continue to campaign on the streets in Coventry in defence of Corbyn and for a socialist programme to fight the cuts and change society. If you’re interested in finding out more or getting involved, fill in the form below!


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