Buckingham Palace repairs and the 99%

Buckingham Palace repairs and the 99%


Buckingham Palace

The recent news that the taxpayer will have to pay £370 million for the repairs at Buckingham Palace has been greeted with anger from many quarters. Little wonder when many working class people are working longer for less pay, or have to go through the humiliating experience of benefit sanctions as seen in the Ken Loach film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’.

We publish the following comments from Socialist Party member Dave Griffiths, who makes some pertinent points regarding the widening gap between the rich and the rest of us.

“It’s hardly a big surprise that our public taxes will pay for the repairs to Buckingham Palace.

Rightly many will think that just a tad unfair and will complain. While we do that however, there’s a stunning fact we should all consider.

In terms of living standards, the peasant under feudalism was closer to the monarch than the 99% of us are to the elite 1% today.

So if we want to do something about the outrageous gaps between the lives of ‘ordinary’ folk and the ever more powerful elite who rule us, really, our focus should be on dumping capitalism.”

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