It’s Fat Cat Wednesday!

It’s Fat Cat Wednesday!

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A Fat Cat Capitalist

Today has been named “Fat Cat Wednesday” by the High Pay Centre, who say that by midday today chief executives will already have been paid more than an “average” UK worker.

This highlights the gross inequality of wages in the UK. In fact for many workers the contrast between their pay and their bosses is even starker – the High Pay Centre based this calculation on an average wage of £28,200, a wage that people on zero-hour contracts and in low paid jobs can only dream of.

It is a disgrace that in less than two days super-rich bosses have made more than millions of UK workers – and this kind of inequality will continue and get worse under capitalism. The Socialist Party fights for decent jobs and a £10 an hour minimum wage – and we also fight to replace this obscene capitalist system with a socialist society, for the millions not the millionaires.

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