Vote Jane Nellist in the Upper Stoke By-Election – We need a Socialist Councillor in Coventry!

On Thursday 19th March voters in the the Upper Stoke ward of Coventry will have the chance to vote for a fighting anti austerity socialist voice in a local By-Election Vote…

Coventry Socialist Party’s Jane Nellist will be standing as the Socialist Alternative candidate – Someone who will fight Tory cuts – not continue to pass them on to Coventry people!

Coventry Council can’t go on like this anymore!

  • 2000+ council jobs lost since 2010
  • homelessness, high rents & dodgy landlords
  • sure-start, libraries, youth club – wound down or closed!

Johnson says austerity is over…

but in the next 3 years Coventry faces a shortfall of £86 million….what suffers next?…social care? parks? schools? roads?

Labour Councillors must choose whether to stand with Coventry people and resist austerity…. or carry on making Tory cuts!


A Socialist Councillor like Jane Nellist- –

Would be a voice and fighter for local people against austerity, landlordism and closures in Coventry. Jane has been a local teacher, Trade Union leader and fighter for ordinary people across Coventry for 30 years. Unlike Tory-lite Labour Councillors, she would resist Tory austerity instead of passing on savage cuts to Coventry.

  • Organise on the Council to resist further cuts in Coventry
  • Restore lost services, libraries and jobs
  • A programme of house building to meet the needs of Coventry
  • Stop hospital parking charges at Walsgrave

Coventry receives £120 million less a year In government grants than it did 10 years ago.  The Labour council has passed those cuts onto local people – axing 2000 jobs, cutting service levels and increasing charges for services.

Over the next 12 months people with dementia will lose some weekend services, adult social care will be worse, lights on some streets will be dimmed at night and families saying goodbye to loved ones will have to pay more at the crematorium.

But making those Tory cuts won’t satisfy the government. Over the next three years, because of further government cuts, Coventry Council faces further shortfalls of £19 million in 2021, £30 million in 2022, and £37 million in 2023.

Labour won’t fight back against these cuts. We need a socialist councillor who will.

Brexit has torn apart the Tory Party and shown Blairite Labour MP’s to be tied to the wealthy and powerful. Westminster nor Brussels have much concern for the lives and conditions of ordinary people in Coventry or the wider UK.  Socialists campaign for a Brexit that benefits workers, putting the millions ahead of the millionaires.Neither remaining in the EU nor a Tory pro-big business Brexit will provide any solution to austerity and privatisation.

Pre-election Public Meeting

Coventry cannot take any more austerity – what can we do to resist it?

Wednesday 18th March, 7pm @ St Michaels CoE Church Centre

365a Walsgrave Rd, Coventry, CV2 4BG

With Socialist Alternative candidate Jane Nellist speaking. come along to find out more, ask any questions and hear how just one socialist Councillor could help change Coventry

Socialists want change – Join with us

Socialists are dedicated to fighting for every possible improvement for working people. The ‘free market’ is failing to provide decent jobs or homes for all. It undermines our NHS and loots our services. Instead of paying off the debts of the bankers, we want to change the system and use the huge resources that exist in society for the benefit of all.

We call for the major firms and banks that dominate the economy to be brought into democratic public ownership. Production and services could then be planned to meet the needs of all while properly protecting the environment. That’s why we fight for socialist change – so the wealth of this country benefits all, not just the super rich!


Interested in helping? Can you deliver leaflets, or put up a poster? Or, interested in joining the Socialist Party?

07530 429441

FB: ‘Coventry Socialists’



Promoted by Lenny Shail (agent) 108 Lake View Rd, Coventry, CV5 8JY on behalf Jane Nellist

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