Independence referendum in Scotland – resources from Coventry Socialist Party

Independence referendum in Scotland – resources from Coventry Socialist Party

Vote Yes and fight for socialism

Vote Yes and fight for socialism

This Thursday will see people in Scotland go to the polls and voting Yes or No to independence. The Yes campaign has gained rapidly in the polls in recent weeks which has sent the UK establishment and their political representatives in the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems in to hysterics.

But what does it all mean? Will independence be a step forward? What is the role of the SNP and Alex Salmond? What is the best way to combat ‘project fear / project terror’ from the ‘Better Together’ No campaign? What will happen to workers in the rest of the UK? What is the role of Socialists in Scotland in this referendum? These are just a few of the many questions being asked by people.

Coventry Socialist Party have compiled this selection of links to help people through the fog of misinformation in the mainstream media, and to outline a socialist way forward. As Socialists we are internationalists, and our sister party in Scotland as part of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) has been at the forefront of fighting for clear, bold socialist policies.

Here are some links to help understand the current situation –

In March, Socialist Party Scotland produced a short Q and A article on independence – to read it click here

With the Better Together campaign getting ever more desperate, we believe the best way to defeat ‘project fear’ is with bold socialist policies – to see what we are putting forward click here

Whatever the result, there will be the need to continue the battles against cuts and austerity, that is why we say vote Yes but continue to strike back. Read this article by a Socialist Party member in Glasgow here

10 days that can shake British capitalism to its foundations, major article which takes up the idea of ‘Team Scotland’. Click here

The Socialist Party is part of an international socialist organisation, the CWI, which is present in around 50 countries across the planet. Visit the website of the CWI here

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