Corbyn surge leaves May weak and wobbly

Corbyn surge leaves May weak and wobbly

A late surge in the polls for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has left the Tories and their friends in the mainstream media panicking about the prospect of a hung parliament – or even a Labour government. Theresa May has compounded the damage by refusing to debate Jeremy Corbyn and sending her hapless Home Secretary Amber Rudd instead.

Many polls are currently predicting a hung parliament, a far cry from the landslide majority May was anticipating when she gambled and called the election. David Cameron gambled on a referendum twice, and when it came to the EU referendum he was defeated by a working class rebellion – the same could happen to May.

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, one of the mouthpieces of the capitalist class, The Economist, has dropped support for May and switched to the Lib Dems – the “second eleven” of big business. Corbyn has rightly ruled out a deal with them or any other party.

With just days until the election, it’s “all to play for”. Socialists in Coventry have been out campaigning hard for Jeremy and his socialist policies, we have met many people enthused by this election and who want to join the fight for socialist change. In the next few days lets do everything we can to get the Tories out, and build a strong, combative movement for socialism.

The Socialist Party are holding a public meeting on Tuesday 13th June to discuss the outcome of the election, and how we can continue support for Jeremy Corbyn and build the campaign for socialist change.

It will take place at 7.30pm, Methodist Central Hall in the city centre

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Watch the making of the TUSC election broadcast!

Watch the making of the TUSC election broadcast!

Dave Nellist addresses the meeting

Dave Nellist speaking at a TUSC meeting

We are proud to confirm that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition will be having a national TV broadcast later this month. It will be a clear anti-austerity and socialist message and the broadcast times are scheduled to be BBC2 1755, ITV 1825, and BBC1 1855. It will include Dave Nellist the TUSC candidate for Coventry North West

You can watch a short film of the making of the broadcast below, and we urge you to get involved by filling in the form beneath the clip




No to austerity! Get involved in the Socialist election campaign

No to austerity! Get involved in the Socialist election campaign

TUSC supporters protesting outside the Council House (Rob McArdle left, Sarah Smith right)

TUSC supporters protesting outside the Council House

Leaflets are now coming through doors across Coventry for our three Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) general election candidates – Judy Griffiths, Nicky Downes and Dave Nellist.

If you are visiting this site after reading it, welcome! We encourage you to get involved with our campaign in any way you can – whether it be by talking to your friends, family and workmates about why you they should vote TUSC, leafleting your street, knocking doors. putting up a window poster or donating a few pennies or pounds to our funds. We would also encourage you to consider talking the step of joining the Socialist Party. Help us build a movement to put an end to capitalist austerity and to build support for a socialist system that puts the needs of ordinary people before profit.

For more information about TUSC please watch the clip of Dave Nellist at the bottom of this page.

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