Rally to save Edgwick Play Centre

Rally to save Edgwick Play Centre


Users of Edgwick Play Centre in Foleshill have organised protests on Saturday 30th January against its proposed closure. The centre is used by many local residents, and if closed would be the second local leisure centre to be closed in the area in recent years, after Livingstone Baths was shut by the council.

Lucy O’Donughue, whose daughter Saskia uses the play centre, said “The closure of the play centre will have a very big negative effect/impact on our family. I am a single mum with no transport and limited resources, my daughter is an only child and [the] play centre provides a safe positive, multicultural, tolerant environment for her to play.”

Simon Evans has two children, Kimberly and Rhian, who use the centre regularly. He says “Kimberly’s favourite thing to do is play football, which if not for the play centre she would rarely be able to do.” Kimberly said “Most of these kids like me, have made brilliant friends and [the play centre] has helped with socialisation. It’s so sad.”

Edgwick Play Centre is one of the many services that faces closure by the council. Other services under threat include many libraries, community centres and youth centres. Council workers are also facing job losses and some services may end up being run by volunteers rather than council staff. We think councillors have a choice not to make these cuts – read more about it here.

The protests are on Saturday 30th January, the first is outside Edgwick Play Centre at 12 midday and the second is outside the council house at 2pm. Come along and protest against cuts and closures!

Thank you for voting Socialist!

Thank you for voting Socialist!

Vote TUSC!

We’d like to thank all the people across Coventry who voted against austerity and for a socialist alternative yesterday. TUSC candidates received 4388 votes in the council elections and 3052 in the three parliamentary seats – a total of 7440 votes for Socialist candidates.

A full analysis of the election results will follow. TUSC candidates will continue our campaigns against the cuts, and we urge you to get involved!

Did you vote TUSC? Let us know! 

TUSC candidates sign 38 Degrees NHS pledge

TUSC candidates sign 38 Degrees NHS pledge 

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38 Degrees campaigners with election candidates including from TUSC

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates attended an event organised by the 38 Degrees campaign against the privatisation of the NHS. Despite Labour’s claim to oppose privatisation, no Labour candidates turned up – nor did any Tories, Lib Dems or UKIP.

The TUSC candidate for Foleshill, Jim Hensman, said “Labour thinks private companies in the NHS should be allowed to make 5% profit – that’s not good enough. TUSC would kick all private companies out of the NHS, and have a fully publicly owned National Health Service, free at the point of use.”

Despite TUSC’s support of 38 Degrees’ stance on a number of issues, including opposing TTIP and NHS privatisation, 38 Degrees have unfortunately refused to include TUSC on their “Vote Match” quiz which shows people which party they most agree with on some issues. This is particularly disappointing given the policies and campaigns of TUSC.

We applaud the work of 38 Degrees for the work they have done in raising awareness of a number of issues, and the local activists from 38 Degrees who work hard to promote some excellent causes, and we will continue to support this where we can. We urge 38 Degrees nationally to start including TUSC in their election campaign – after all, we are standing over 800 candidates in the local and general elections!

Want to help kick private companies out of the NHS? Fill in the form below to get involved!

Firefighters take action in Coventry – pictures and report from Radford and Foleshill

Firefighters take action in Coventry – pictures and report from Radford and Foleshill

Picket line in Foleshill

Picket line in Foleshill

Members of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) started industrial action at 6pm this evening, the beginning of 4 days of national  industrial action against attacks on their pensions, privatisation and in defence of one of the most vital of public services. Firefighters mounted strong and visible pickets with members of the Socialist Party and Socialist Students attending pickets at Radford and Foleshill fire stations to show our support. There is much public support for the FBU, as could be witnessed by the constant tooting of horns as cars passed the pickets.

Socialist Party and Communication Workers Union member Glen visited the Foleshill picket he said

Spent some time with the firefighters at Foleshill, as they continue strike action to save the service we take for granted. I thought I was up to speed on the issues of the dispute. I thought I had a good idea of how the cuts are affecting them and their ability to do their job safely. Which is to save our lives, while protecting their own. Well I had another think coming. It’s one thing reading about inadequate equipment, lack of breathing apps, privatisation, cuts to the pension etc. But to hear stories of people being saved in fires and accidents, only through the goodwill of the people in the service… While paying more in pension contributions, to work longer and get less. Well. All I’ll say is pop down to your local station. Have a chat and show that we support them. Because you never know when you’ll need them. Solidarity.

Here is a selection of pictures from the picket lines at Radford and Foleshill.

Radford picket

Radford picket

FBU flags in Foleshill

FBU flags in Foleshill


Members of Socialist Students from Coventry University show support

Members of Socialist Students from Coventry University show support




Dave Nellist calls for solidarity with firefighters’ strike action

 Dave Nellist calls for solidarity with firefighters’ strike action

Dave Nellist of TUSC and the Socialist Party

Dave Nellist of TUSC and the Socialist Party

We are pleased to carry below comments from Dave Nellist, national chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and the Socialist Party in Coventry in support of the action being taken by members of the FBU starting on Friday at 6pm. For more information about the strike visit the website of the FBU here

“TUSC supporters will be visiting FBU picket lines over the next four days, taking messages of solidarity with firefighters’ strike action in defence of their pensions and our public services.

Only one party standing in the general and local elections next year would reverse all the 20% funding cuts to the fire service implemented by the coalition government over the last four years.

 Only one party would reinstate the 5000 jobs lost and discuss with the FBU not only the reopening of closed stations, but the best places for stations to be to ensure rapid response times.

And only one party would reverse the privatisation across the service, not least in equipment, which all 4 establishment parties would maintain.

That party is TUSC (the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – and I heartily invite any firefighters reading this, indeed any trade unionist, to consider standing as a TUSC candidate in next year’s general and local elections, where we will be the only working class anti-austerity candidates opposing the big 4.”

Dave Nellist National Chair, TUSC


(to visit the website of TUSC click here)

Save Foleshill Leisure Centre campaign defiant until the end

Save Foleshill Baths campaign defiant until the end

RIP Livingstone Baths

RIP Livingstone Baths

Sunday 24th August saw the doors of Foleshill Leisure Centre close for the last time after Coventry City Council decided to close this vital and popular community facility.

Two days prior to this on Friday 22nd August, the campaign to save the Baths held a final protest to show that they remained united and would not go quietly. The event was well supported by service users and featured by the local press.

The centre had been open for 77 years before the Labour group on the council decided to take this away from the area in favour of a multi-million pound development at the AT7 centre, on the other side of the A444.

However it did not close without a fight and the campaign to Save Foleshill Leisure Centre remained defiant to the end. Although the battle was lost, members of the community involved in the campaign should hold their heads high for giving the Council one hell of a fight.

The campaign was launched by users of the Leisure Centre who took the fight to the Local Authority by getting out around the Foleshill area and to the city in general, launching a mass petition, leafleting, posters in shops and local businesses, holding numerous protests, lobbies and a march from Edgwick Park in Foleshill to the city centre.

Campaign makes electoral challenge

Faced with the fact that it was a Labour council carrying out this closure, Will Bromwich an organiser of the campaign took the significant step of standing in the 2012 local elections in the Foleshill ward. A leaflet went out across the ward which explained why they were standing in the election and raising the profile of the campaign. Will came 3rd in the election gaining a very respectable 213 votes. The Socialist Party believes this points the way forward. When the three establishment parties all represent cuts and austerity, it is vital that trade unionists, anti-cuts campaigners and community activists develop a political alternative, including standing in elections. This is why we are working to build the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Don’t Deprive – Keep Foleshill alive

On one of the protests outside the Council House with Dave Nellist

On one of the protests outside the Council House with Dave Nellist

Don’t Deprive Keep Foleshill alive was one of the slogans on one of the banners of the campaign. It made perfect sense as Foleshill is one of the most deprived areas of the city. Facilities like the Leisure Centre should be defended anywhere they are threatened, but doubly more so in areas where there is a general lack of facilities in the first place. The Council claim the new centre is just 1 mile away. But as the campaign made clear, you have to cross the busy A444 and users of Livvies came from areas such as Radford, which makes the AT7 more than 1 mile away.

Coventry’s Olympic Legacy in tatters?

Outside Foleshill Leisure Centre

Outside Foleshill Leisure Centre

As Foleshill Baths closed its doors, the city’s 50m Olympic Pool also faces closure. This is despite over 11,000 people signing a people against what the Labour council are doing. Fairfax St is closing to make way for a 25m pool that will be part of an ‘entertainment’ facility along New Union Street after Spire and Christchurch House Council buildings are knocked down. Socialists support as many leisure / sporting / entertainment centres as possible which enable the widest possible number of people to take part. However we also believe in facilities that can help develop sporting talent. They are not mutually exclusive and it a complete fallacy being developed by leading Councillors that Fairfax Street is only used by ‘elite’ swimmers.

Although the Council did not reverse its decision, the campaign can be extremely proud of everything it achieved. A wide range of people used the Baths, and that was seen in the campaign which united campaigners from a diverse number of backgrounds who were committed to keep it open. It reached out across the city and won widespread public support and sympathy, as there is much affinity with Livvies as thousands of people used it over the years and learnt to swim there.

The whole process exposed the Labour Party councillors for being the local agents of the Tories in closing the Leisure Centre down and ignoring people in Foleshill and across the area.

The Socialist Party were very proud to do what we could to support the campaign and to stand with some outstanding campaigners. There will clearly be more battles to come, as Labour continue to inflict Tory misery on our city – battles that communities and importantly the trade unions need to prepare for.