Report from the picket line at the University of Warwick

Report from the picket line at the University of Warwick

Workers on the picket line

Workers on the picket line

Workers from UCU, Unite and Unison at both Warwick and Coventry University went on strike today over the dismal 1% pay rise they’ve been offered. This offer is well below inflation, and thus is yet another pay cut for university staff – in real terms, their pay has been by 13% since 2009. However, despite this appalling offer and the massive cuts being made at Warwick, their Vice-Chancellor Nigel Thrift has just received a 10% pay rise – from £220,000 to £244,000!

Many postgraduate students work as part-time lecturers, as university management can employ them with low pay and poor conditions. This practice exploits the students, who should receive grants to support them in their studies, and undermines the pay and conditions of full time lecturers.

Socialist Party and Socialist Students members went to the picket line at Warwick to show our support. Around 30 people joined the picket, including workers from all three unions on strike and students showing solidarity with them. Many drivers showed support by beeping their horns, and the solidarity showed by students was obviously appreciated by staff.


Dave Nellist appeals for anti-cuts candidates in 2014 elections

Dave Nellist appeals for anti-cuts candidates in 2014 elections

Below is a video of Dave Nellist speaking at Socialism 2013, making the case for anti-cuts candidates as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). An alternative to the 3 establishment parties need to be built. If you agree with what Dave is putting forward and would like to get involved please get in touch by emailing us on

You can also visit the TUSC website by clicking here

Dave Nellist

Dave Nellist