Why young people should support Jeremy Corbyn

Why young people  should support Jeremy Corbyn


Young people in Coventry protesting against Tory cuts to their future

We have received this article from Dan, a young worker and trade union member in Coventry

Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity policies have inspired people across the country and around the world. Young people especially have been supportive of Jeremy’s ideas, attending rallies and campaigning for him in the general election. One poll suggests that 68% of people aged 18-24 will vote Labour, 52% ahead of the Tories!

So why should young people support Jeremy? Politicians have lied to us before, so many of us don’t trust a word any of them say. Nick Clegg said he’d scrap tuition fees – that pledge lasted about a week into his coalition with David Cameron and the Tories. But in this election we’re not being offered the Tories, Diet Tories and Tory Zero – there’s a clear choice between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, and the policies they’re running on.

Jeremy wants to scrap tuition fees, abolish graduate debt and bring in a National Education Service – for free education for everyone, “from the cradle to the grave”. Compare that to what we have now – if you go to uni you could leave with £50 grand of debt round your neck! He also wants to scrap exploitative zero-hour contracts and increase the minimum wage to £10 an hour.

Corbyn’s policies have a lot to offer young people, and give a glimpse of what can be achieved by using some of the wealth in this country – the 6th richest country on earth. But we believe we need to go further to truly change our society, and fight for a socialist system. Rather than the chaos of the markets dictating what resources are available, that means taking the wealth off the 1%, taking the banks and big businesses into public ownership and running them democratically in the interests “of the many, not the few”.

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Coventry Socialists welcome Paulo Eduardo Gomes from Brazil

Coventry Socialists welcome Paulo Eduardo Gomes from Brazil

Paulo Eduardo Gomes speaking at Coventry meeting

Paulo Eduardo Gomes speaking at Coventry meeting

Coventry Socialist Party were proud to welcome Paulo Eduardo Gomes, an elected councillor for PSOL (a left wing party in Brazil) to a meeting in the city last week.

Paulo has been undertaking a tour of Britain and Ireland speaking at meetings organised by the Socialist Party. He gave a wide ranging and fascinating introduction, explaining the political situation in Brazil and the situation facing the masses in this vast country. He explained the degeneration of the PT (Workers’ Party) and about some of the work he does as an elected representative.

The Socialist Party are internationalists, we believe the crisis of capitalism is a global issue and as such we organise on an international basis with our sister parties in the Committee for a Workers’ International. The CWI has groups and parties in nearly 50 countries around the world. On that basis it we hope to learn from socialists fighting capitalism in other countries and we certainly learnt much from Paulo.

You can see the website of the CWI by clicking here.

Dave Nellist appeals for anti-cuts candidates in 2014 elections

Dave Nellist appeals for anti-cuts candidates in 2014 elections

Below is a video of Dave Nellist speaking at Socialism 2013, making the case for anti-cuts candidates as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). An alternative to the 3 establishment parties need to be built. If you agree with what Dave is putting forward and would like to get involved please get in touch by emailing us on coventrysocialistparty@gmail.com.

You can also visit the TUSC website by clicking here

Dave Nellist

Dave Nellist


Coventry Socialists – building support for an alternative to capitalism

Coventry Socialists – building support for an alternative to capitalism

Party members selling 'The Socialist' newspaper - the Socialist Voice of workers and youth

Party members selling ‘The Socialist’ newspaper – the Socialist Voice of workers and youth

Members of the Socialist Party were out in Coventry city centre today as well as other locations across the area, building support for socialist ideas in opposition to the capitalist system.

Party member Dan Crowter who is also a leading figure in the Coventry Against the Bedroom Tax campaign, commented

What is striking is the anger out there. With the recent announcements from the utility companies that they are going to raise their already high prices even further, many people will be forced to ‘heat or eat’ this winter. None of the big three parties are talking about the solution – which would be to bring all privatised utilities back in to public ownership run under democratic workers control. But little wonder they are not talking about public ownership – to one extent or another they all support the capitalist system!

But we in the Socialist Party would say it is not enough to get angry. We have to get organised and to build the socialist opposition to capitalism. Capitalism and all the misery that goes with it will not just disappear. I would urge all of those thousands of people who regularly vote Socialist in Coventry to seriously consider helping the socialist cause. For example by donating to our funds, subscribing to ‘The Socialist’ newspaper, and also by joining the Socialist Party.

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