Solidarity greetings on International Women’s Day 2015 – Fight for socialism!

Solidarity greetings on International Women’s Day 2015 – Fight for socialism!

International Women's Day 2015

International Women’s Day 2015

Coventry Socialist Party is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) and the struggles of working class women across the world by hosting a meeting next week entitled ‘Revolutionary Women and the Fight Against Austerity Today’. We encourage you to attend, the details are –

Wednesday 11th March

6pm, Urban Coffee Company, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street, CV1 5ED. Facebook event page here

We are also posting the following links from the international organisation that we are part of, the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) which is active in 50 countries around the world. These links are a useful resource for IWD and the global battle against capitalism and give an insight in to some of the work that the CWI is engaged in.

Sri Lanka – Women face up to the challenges

China – Capitalism is pushing back women’s rights

Sweden – Breakthrough for Feminist party

Scotland – Exploited at work, fighting back

England and Wales – Women and new unionism: lessons for today

If you have read these links and want to get involved, click here!




Public Meeting: Scotland in revolt against austerity – What will the situation be after the Referendum?

A Coventry Socialist Party Public Meeting


Scotland in revolt against austerity –

 What will the situation be after the Referendum?

Wednesday 24th September 7.30 Pm
The Four Provinces

(Allesley Old Road, CV5 8BU)

Vote Yes and fight for socialism

Vote Yes and fight for socialism

This Thursday will see people in Scotland go to the polls and voting Yes or No to independence. The Yes campaign has gained rapidly in the polls in recent weeks which has sent the UK establishment and their political representatives in the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems in to hysterics.

But what does it all mean? Will independence be a step forward? What is the role of the SNP and Alex Salmond? What is the best way to combat ‘project fear / project terror’ from the ‘Better Together’ No campaign? What will happen to workers in the rest of the UK? What is the role of Socialists in Scotland in this referendum? These are just a few of the many questions being asked by people.

Independence referendum in Scotland – resources from Coventry Socialist Party

latest News and analysis from our sister organisation in Scotland – Socialist Party Scotland